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Senior secondary

Provision of Many Diverse Learning Pathways

Students in the senior years of schooling (Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12) are emerging young adults who have diverse needs and aspirations. Senior Secondary at William Ross State High School is characterised by:

     Access to a wide selection of Authority subjects and TAFE Certificates
     Flexible curriculum and timetable structures to allow for the diverse interests and lifestyles of students. Some students study off-campus as part of TAFE programs or School Based Apprenticeship programs
     Pathways which provide a seamless transition to employment and further education and training at Universities or TAFE
     Case managing and mentoring support for identified students
     Positive and mutually respectful relationships between all members of the school community
     A safe, secure and caring learning environment
     Provision of explicit, diverse learning pathways
Partnerships with James Cook University (JCU), Central Queensland University (CQU) and Queensland University of Technology (QUT) provide valuable opportunities for students to enhance learning and prepare for tertiary study.
As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), William Ross State High School also offers vocational training courses in a range of subjects, including Engineering and Digital Media, alongside courses from external RTOs in fitness, sport and recreation and early childhood education and care.
William Ross State High School has a rich tradition of academic achievement with many graduates going on to excel across a range of university fields. High Tertiary Entrance Scores leading to University and TAFE offers, combined with 100% Queensland Certificate of Education completion are the accepted standard for William Ross State High School graduates.
Types of Subjects Offered 
There are three types of subjects which are offered through Senior Studies at William Ross State High School.
·         Authority Subjects
·         Authority Registered Subjects
·         VET (Vocational and Education & Training) Training Packages (both internal and external)
Authority Subjects
These subjects
·        Derived from the state-wide syllabus developed by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA)
·         Have school work programs reviewed and accredited by the QCAA
·         Have standards of assessment reviewed and accredited by the QCAA
·         Contribute to a student’s eligibility for University entrance
·         Contribute to Overall Position (OP) and Field Position
·         A student must study 5 Authority Subjects to be eligible for an OP
·         Contributes 4 credits over 2 years toward the QCE
Authority Registered Subjects 
These subjects
·        Are derived from Study Area Specifications (SASs) developed by the QCAA
·        Are vocationally oriented and may include national recognition of vocational units of competency
·        Have study plans approved by QCAA
·        Do NOT contribute to a student’s eligibility for tertiary entrance (through an OP) but do contribute to your Selection Rank/OP equivalent. To be eligible for Selection Rank you can study no more than 4 Authority Subjects and sitting for the QCS test may improve your Selection Rank.
·        Are recorded on the Senior Statement and the School Exit Statement
·        Have a practical orientation
·        Contribute 4 credits over 2 years towards the QCE
Vocational Education and Training Packages/Courses
These courses
·        Carry a National Accreditation at a specific level of competence
·        Result in the issue of a specific certificate upon successful completion of all the Units of Competency
·        Are recorded on the Senior Statement and the School Exit Statement
·        Contribute to credits for the QCE (up to 8 credits for a Certificate III course) (Please see QCAA website for variations to credit points for different certificates)
·        Can be delivered by any registered RTO – William Ross State High School/TAFE/private provider
·        May streamline into Higher Certificates or Diplomas



​Mr Allan Evans



 Deputy Principal. Senior School


​Ms Casey Subke

Deputy Principal. Senior Secondary