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Our staff

​School Administration ​​
​Position Staff Member
​Principal Allan Evans
​Deputy Principal - Junior Secondary Nathan Hustler​
​Deputy Principal - Senior Secondary ​Casey Subke
​ ​ ​ ​
​Heads of Department ​​
​Department ​Staff Member
​Business & Information Technology Roz Norgaard
​English Anna D'Ilario
​Health and Physical Education Adam Kehl​
​Humanities & Languages Jessica Clarke
Literacy and Numeracy ​Kim Bolton
Mathematics (Acting) ​Aaron Parrish
Practical Technology​ Veronica Farina​
Science​ ​Shelley De Ruyter
​Senior School / VET (Acting) ​Kristy Kirk
​Special Education Robyn McMinn​
​Teaching & Learning Michelle Dalton
​The Arts ​Isabella Shatte


​Student Support Services Team ​ ​
Position​ ​Staff Member
​Chaplain Kristin Martin
​Community Education Counsellor ​Patricia Hochart
​Defence Transition Mentor Ceri Briant
​Guidance Officer Astrid Neiberding
​Junior Secondary Coordinator ​Raylene Brown
​School Nurse Melanie Hemmett
​Year 7 Coordinator Emily Zatta
​Year 8 Coordinator Garrett McKenzie
​Year 9 Coordinator Jacob Miles
​Year 10 Coordinator Rose Rush
​Year 11 Coordinator Annalea Williams
​Year 12 Coordinator Jamie Gardner
​Youth Support Coordinator Anthony Steele


Teaching Staff
Staff Member ​Key Learning Areas
Aldrich, Emily ​English, Humanities
Allan, Lauren ​Humanities, The Arts, Music Coordinator
Atkinson, Sarah ​Mathematics, Science
Beale, Michael ​RATEP Coordinator
Bolton, Kim ​English
Bowe, Annie ​Science
Brown, Rayleen ​Business, English,  Humanities. Junior School Coordinator
Clarke, Jessica Humanities, English
Charles, Graham ​Mathematics, Science
Dalton, Michelle ​English, Legal Studies
De Ruyter, Shelley ​Science
D'Ilario, Anna ​English
Doma, Haruka ​English, LOTE
​Edmond, Mariana ​Mathematics
Emerson, Sean​ ​Practical Technology, VET
​Farina, Veronica ​Practical Technology, The Arts
Fowler, Shauna ​English, Humanities
Frost, Cameron ​HPE, Science, VET
Gardner, Jamie ​Humanities, The Arts
Gowdy, Steve ​Business, English
Grady, Melinda  Swanson ​English, Humanities
​Gray, Vikki ​English, Humanities
Hall, Kia ​Practical technology
Hall, Mary ​English, Humanities
Holman, Chris ​Mathematics, Science, Special Education
Jackson, Derren ​The Arts
Kauppila, Tiina ​IT, Mathematics
Kehl, Adam ​HPE
Kirk, Kristy ​English​, VET
Laskey, Shane ​HPE, Science
Leonard, Samantha ​HPE, Mathematics, Science
​Leviston, Dana​ ​LOTE
McEntyre, Eric ​Mathematics, Science, VET
McKenzie, Garrett ​Business, VET, Year 8 Year Level Coordinator
McMinn, Lani English, ​Humanities, LOTE.International Schools Coordinator
McMinn, Robyn ​Special Education
Miles, Jacob​ ​English, HPE, Humanities
Musumeci, Jo ​Mathematics, Science
Nedwich, Sally ​English, Humanities, Special Education
Newton, Ann ​The Arts, HPE
Noack, Kim ​English, Humanities
Norgaard, Roz​ ​Business, IT Manager
Ottaway, Bob ​HPE, Mathematics, Science
Parnaby, Stacey ​HPE, Mathematics, Science
Parrish, Aaron ​Mathematics, VET
Pecchiar, Nick ​Practical Technology, HPE
Powell, David ​English, HPE, Humanities, Special Education
Ramsbotham, Graeme ​Practical Technology, VET
Richardson, Shane ​English, Humanities, VET Coordinator
Rush, Rose ​English, The Arts, VET
​Russell, Leanne ​English
Ryan, Andi ​English, Humanities
Shatte, Isabella ​The Arts
Short, Stephanie ​Science
Stevens, Michelle Mathematics
Stewart, Nicholas ​Mathematics, Science
Swanson, Belinda ​English, Humanities
Temple, Paul ​The Arts
Turner, Leigh ​Humanities, LOTE
Welsh, Andrew ​HPE, Science. Sports Coordinator
Whiting, Michael ​HPE, Mathematics
Wickland, Natasha ​English, Humanities
Wilkinson, Chelsea ​The Arts
Williams, Annalea ​HPE, Science
Zatta, Emily ​HPE, Mathematics, Science


​Support Staff
Staff Member ​Position
​Birkensleigh, Max ​Grounds Officer
​Brennan, Lyn ​Facilities Support
​Briant Ceri ​Defence Transition Mentor
​Carroll, Nicole ​Teacher Aide
​Chick, Emily ​Science Operations Officer
​Cox, Janice ​Teacher Aide (SEP)
​Crabb, Nadine ​Teacher Aide
​Cummings, Cheryl ​Teacher Aide
​Currie, Robyn ​Facilities Support
​Dove, Alyson ​PA - Deputy Principal
Driehuis, Sonya ​Library Aide
Fall, Jenny ​Teacher Aide (SEP)
​Foster, Sharryn ​Accounts Receivable
​Green, Noel ​Facilities Support
​Hao, Sijie ​IT Support
​Hardy, Ann ​Teacher Aide (SEP)
​Harker, Tracey ​Business Services Manager
​Hay, Kiah ​Teacher Aide
​Hemmett, Melanie ​SBYHN (Nurse)
Hillyer, Steven ​Facilities Officer
​Hochart, Patricia ​Community Education Counsellor
​Korn, Lori ​Science Operations + IT Support
​Lechner, Tanya ​PA - Principal
​Leo, Lelaine ​Facilities Support
​MacBeth, Debbie ​Facilities Support
Martin, Kristin ​Chaplain
Masnada, Jodie ​Teacher Aide (SEP)
​McMinn, Alisha ​PA - Deputy Principal
​Moss, Therese ​Facilities Support
​Mulholland, Jill ​Facilities Support
​Neiberding, Astrid ​Guidance Officer
​Neilsen, Denise ​Community Liaison Officer
​Obst, Kirsten ​Teacher Aide
​Oliver (Hay), Susan ​Admin Officer
​O'Dea, Kim ​Teacher Aide (SEP)
​O'Regan, Melita ​Student Services - Rolls Officer
​Schloss, Denise ​Teacher Aide (SEP)
​Smerdon, Vera ​Facilities Support
​Star, Yvette ​School-based Police Officer
​Subke, Ashlee ​Teacher Aide
​Sumsion, Michelle ​Teacher Aide
​Zahner, Maddie ​Science Operations Officer

​ ​​​​​​​​​