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Letter to Parents Yr 8-9.pdfLetter to Parents Yr 8-9407 KB
Letter to Parents Yr 9-10.pdfLetter to Parents Yr 9-10405 KB
Subject Selection Form Year 9 2015.pdfSubject Selection Form Year 9 201525 KB
Subject Selection Form Year 10 2015.pdfSubject Selection Form Year 10 201526 KB
JuniorSecondary_CurriculumOverview_2015.pdf2015 Junior Secondary Curriculum OverviewJuniorSecondary_CurriculumOverview_2015220 KB
next-step-summary-report.pdf2017 Next step summarynext-step-summary-report170 KB
Assessment Genres Guide for Parents.pdfAssessment genre guide for parents (PDF, 1002KB)Assessment Genres Guide for Parents1003 KB
JS_Avatar Lessons.pdfAvatar Lessons (PDF, 248KB)JS_Avatar Lessons248 KB
catchment-map.pdfcatchment-mapcatchment-map1942 KB
Curriculum Overview 2015.pdfCurriculum Overview 2015 (PDF, 256KB)Curriculum Overview 2015256 KB
DA_2014_Executive Summary.pdfDiscipline Audit_Exec Summary (PDF, 282KB)DA_2014_Executive Summary282 KB
DA_Parents and Carers fact sheet.pdfDiscipline Audit_Parents Fact Sheet (PDF, 199KB)DA_Parents and Carers fact sheet199 KB
DA_ 2014_profile.pdfDiscipline Audit_Profile (PDF, 370KB)DA_ 2014_profile370 KB
2015_EOI_Year 7 or 8.docEOI-2015-Enrollments-Yr7-Yr8 (WORD, 938KB)2015_EOI_Year 7 or 8948 KB
2014 Instrumental Music Program - Enrolment Form.docInstrumental Music Program - Enrolment Form2014 Instrumental Music Program - Enrolment Form106 KB
JS_ PEER REVIEW 2014.pdfJS Peer Review (PDF, 4.8MB)JS_ PEER REVIEW 20144923 KB
JS Snapshot.pdfJS Snapshot (PDF, 256KB)JS Snapshot256 KB
Study Skills Workshop1.pdfJS Study Skills Workshop 1Study Skills Workshop1271 KB
JS_TransitionProgram.pdfJS Transition Program (PDF, 130KB)JS_TransitionProgram130 KB
JS_Brochure.pdfJS_Brochure (PDF, 3.14MB)JS_Brochure3222 KB
JS_ CurriculumOverview2015.pdfJS_CurriculumOverview (PDF, 223KB)JS_ CurriculumOverview2015223 KB
JS_Newsletter.pdfJS_NewsletterJS_Newsletter480 KB
junior handbook.pdfJunior Handbook - 2015junior handbook681 KB
Junior Secondary Reform Workshop.docJunior Secondary Reform Workshop (WORD, 234KB)Junior Secondary Reform Workshop244 KB
JS_Update1.pdfJunior Secondary Update1 (PDF, 887KB)JS_Update1887 KB
Stationery Requirements Junior 2016.pdfJunior Stationery List - 2016 (PDF, 88KB)Stationery Requirements Junior 201688 KB
NAPLAN requirments.pdfNaplan requirements (PDF, 114KB)NAPLAN requirments114 KB
JS_OpenDay.pdfOpen Day for Years 7 and 8JS_OpenDay455 KB
Booking Instructions.docParent-Teacher Booking Instructions (Doc, 2386KB)Booking Instructions2396 KB
JS_postcard.pdfPostcard (PDF, 240KB)JS_postcard240 KB
strategic-plan-2014-2017.pdfstrategic-plan-2014-to-2017strategic-plan-2014-2017112 KB
student-resource-scheme-participation-agreement-form.pdfstudent-resource-scheme-participation-agreement-formstudent-resource-scheme-participation-agreement-form188 KB
NextStep 2014 Summary.pdfSummary Next Step Report 2014NextStep 2014 Summary195 KB
JS_Philosophy.pdfTeaching Philosophy (PDF, 369KB)JS_Philosophy369 KB
JS_CurriculumOverview2015.pdfYr 7, 8 and 9 Curriculum Overview (PDF, 212KB)JS_CurriculumOverview2015212 KB
JS_EnrolmentPackage.pdfYr 7, 8 and 9 Enrolment PackageJS_EnrolmentPackage1879 KB
JS_EOI_2015.pdfYrs 7, 8 and 9_EOI_2015 EnrolmentsJS_EOI_2015278 KB